Frequently Asked Questions


# How do I get a price estimate?

To get a price, please tell us about your project and give us some rough dimensions of what you’re looking for. You can submit your information on our quote request form and we will get back to you in a few days!

# How long does it take to get a kitchen?

On average, it’s about 4-5 months from the first design conversation to delivery. The design stage for a kitchen can take as little as 4-8 weeks, but it depends on how long it takes to make sure you’re happy with the layout and then we need to confirm all the measurements after that. Once the design is finalized and all the measurements are confirmed, it takes 8 weeks for us to produce the cabinets.

# Do you ship out of state?

Yes, we do. We have shipped projects all over the country, from Alaska to California, New York to Dallas.

# Do you ship internationally?

Sort of. We ask our international clients to set up shipping arrangements themselves so they understand all the taxes and duties involved. Depending on your location, we may be able to get a shipping quote for you. 

# How do you ship? How much does it cost?

Our fully assembled cabinets are packed in crates and shipped on a freight truck. Typical shipping costs are approximately 17% in addition to the cost of your custom cabinetry. We can give you a shipping estimate when you submit a quote request.

# How do you make sure your cabinets fit in our house if we're out of state?

It’s very simple! We just work with you or your contractor to make sure we’ve got your space’s measurements right. If we’re designing a cabinet for a tailored install, we always leave a bit of wiggle room wherever it’s necessary.

# Do you install? How about out of state?

We can install cabinets in the Greater Seattle area, or the installation can be done by your contractor. Contractors are some of our biggest fans, and they love installing our cabinets. Out of state projects are almost always handled by a contractor or the homeowners.


# What kind of plywood do you use?

It’s called EuroPly. It is made of 13 alternating layers of Alder and Birch veneers. This plywood is super high quality. It’s laid up with a formaldehyde-free (NAUF) glue. Here is a link to the product.

# What's the plywood finished with?

The veneer face is finished with a UV cured acrylic. The edges of the plywood are finished with OSMO hard wax oil. It has a satiny feel to it.

# Is it green?

The materials we use are safe for the environment and your health. Kerf is committed to environmental responsibility through the use of sustainable materials and methods.

  1. We only use FSC certified plywood made with formaldehyde-free glue.
  2. Our plywood is finished using a UV curing process that eliminates all volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  3. Most importantly, our products are designed to last a lifetime.
# What kind of laminate do you use?

We get our colored plastic laminate from Abet Laminati and Arpa laminate. We have 16 different colors that we keep in stock. Click here to download a PDF of our laminate colors. 

# Can I get samples of your plywood and colored laminate?

Sure! Please send your mailing address to and we will get one out to you.

# Can I get custom colored laminate for my project?

There is a $200 fee per custom color.


# What hardware do you use?

Our drawers use Blum Tandem under mount slides, the industry standard for high quality soft close drawer slides. Our doors also use Blum soft closing European style hinges. Blum hardware carries a lifetime warranty.

# Do you make countertops?

We used to, but we do not produce countertops anymore. Many of our clients prefer to use Quartz countertops on our cabinets.

# Do you have under cabinet lighting?

Yup. It’s an LED strip that is inset in the bottom of the cabinet. It costs about $50 per linear foot. You can download our lighting guide here.

Kerf Wall

# What's it made out of?

All of our products are built with Europly, a birch veneer core plywood with a maple or walnut face.  Colored laminates are occasionally used to accent specific areas.

# I want to install my Kerf Wall between two walls, but full panels won't fit. What do I do?

In this kind of situation, you’ll need to order enough panels to cover the desired width and then trim off the excess to fit your space. If you tell us the width of your space, we can cut down the panels before we ship them to you. Let’s say your wall is 120″ wide. Each of our panels is 47-3/4″ wide so you’ll need to buy three panels to cover the entire space. When you check out, you’ll tell us that your wall is 120″ wide, and we will simply trim the excess (shown in red) and add a 1/2″ of wiggle room on each side. We’ll email you to double check the measurements.

# How much can it hold?

A single shelf can easily support 100 lbs., and a 4′ section of wall panel can hold at least 300 lbs. Of course, the specific circumstances of each installation will affect the overall capacity of the wall panels, but they are pretty sturdy.

# How far does it sit off of the wall?

The metal strut is 1-5/8″ thick and the plywood panel is 1/2″ thick, so the face of the wall panel sits 1-7/8″ from the wall.

Other Questions

# What does Kerf mean?

A Kerf is a notch created by a saw, the part of the wood that is turned into sawdust.