How to order Kerf cabinets

Start with measurements

To come up with a price estimate for you, we need to know the overall dimensions of the cabinets you need. How wide, tall, and deep can we go? Photos and drawings are really helpful; Take a few snapshots of the room we are working with. Add a simple sketch with a few dimensions and we can usually get a good idea of the space. You don’t have to be an architect, but if you are, some plans and elevations don’t hurt either.

Tell us what you need

Want a bookcase to store your extensive art book collection? Tell us how big your biggest book is. Want to put grandma’s cast iron on display? We will work with you one on one to design beautiful functional storage. Submit all of your information on our quote request form (the big red “Tell us about your project” button at the bottom of the page).┬áThen we’ll come up with a rough layout of doors, drawers, and cubbies and send you a price estimate.

Refining the design

The next stage of the project can take as little or as much time as is needed. We will work with you to create a 3D model of your project and tweak it until every last detail is right. Sometimes we nail it on the first try, other times it is a long discussion that evolves over time. When the design is finished we produce a detailed set of measured plans and elevations to be verified by the person responsible for the installation of the cabinets.

Production and Delivery

Once all the plans are signed off on we can start building the cabinets. This stage takes about 8-10 weeks depending on our schedule. If you are in Seattle we can deliver and install the cabinets for you. If you live somewhere else we pack all of the cabinets into crates and ship them on a truck to your door. Transit time is 1-2 weeks depending on how remote your project is. Delivery options include basic curbside delivery (crates left outside in driveway), inside delivery (crates brought inside house or garage), or deluxe delivery (crates unpacked, cabinets brought inside, and crating materials removed).