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Human. Useful. Beautiful.

We design modern furniture and cabinets specifically for your space.

Custom Cabinetry

We have been building our custom plywood cabinetry since 1999. We take pride in our honest joinery and the quality of our materials.

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Kerf Wall

Our adjustable, modular, wall mounted storage system. User friendly installation and a multitude of combinations makes this system fit seamlessly into almost any space.

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Who Is Kerf Design?

We are a small team of people in Seattle who love plywood and colored laminate. We believe in making objects that are human, useful and beautiful. Good joints should be admired. Construction should be simple and honest. We tinker, we improve and we consider every detail. We are Kerf Design.

Nathan Hartman


Shara Lee


Yu Ito


Erica Anpo

Technical Designer

Eden Marsicek


Zach Urban

Shop Manager

Dan Knauff

CNC wizard

Moe Covington


James Halsch


Eric Winters Jr.


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